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Best in business, but no technical knowledge. We take up all your technical worries so that you can concentrate on your core business.

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About us

What do few crazy programmers and designers do? They open up a crazy web development company. Like others we heard programmers say that designers cannot create technically viable designs and designers say programmers give this excuse because they can't write proper codes to make those designs work.

We said let's get them both married and have a child who is technically superior and good looking too.

Hence was the birth of this organization.

Our goal is to combine art and science to develop products that portray your idea or business.

Unlike other development companies, our core principle is simplicity. We live by motto 'Simple is good.'

We adopt a three prong approach for all our work - ease of operation for you, ease of use by your customer and ease of maintenance for us. We have kept our prices tied with development stages. This way you can always stop or grow a project depending upon actual performance of business.

We do not compromise on quality or performance. It does not matter what size business you are, we will work along with you to grow your business. Because ONLY if you grow, we grow.

If you have a challenging idea, we have a simple solution for you.

Our Skills

Yes we know, perfection is a myth. But we thought you should know where we stand today.

Web Design
Logo Design
Web Development
App Development
Content Writing
Software Development

Why Choose Us?

The design is what reflects your brand. A great design can help you wow your visitor and turn into a customer. We keep your customer base in mind while designing. Every element is strategically placed ensuring complete return on your technology investment.

What is a great design if it does not give you performance. Our quality coding standards ensures optimal performance on any technology used. An average customer notices latency of more than 200ms. Our testing team makes sure that each click under any circumstances does not exceed this target.

We stand by our products and services. Call us, email us. We are available round the clock. Our organization follows international standards for IT management, which ensures right priority to right issues and resolve them within assigned timelines.

Our Services

Explore the current services we are offering.

Web Development

Each website development project is like a baby to us. We offer great designs and quality coding that makes your website always working and give optimum performance. We aim for minimizing click to load time even by milliseconds. If you ask why? We will say even milliseconds when saved, drives more revenue for you.

Digital Marketing

You have a great designed website what do you do next? It has to reach the correct audience so that you can start earning return on your technology investment. Our skilled digital marketeers know how to play with google and make your site rank on top. If you are not on first page of search results, we will push our marketeers from roof.


Want to sell online? Mom & pop shop with few hundred transactions a day to big companies with thousands of transactions a day? No worries. We go through stages in development to make sure your actual sales reflect your current investment. We also offer complete ecommerce packages which include photography services as well. This way you can have your selling portal up and running in very short time without depending on many organizations.

App Development

The industry trend is moving more towards mobile devices. Hence an app will play an integral part to reach out to more customers and earn more revenue. You can include this in complete development package or choose to just have an app developed for existing product. We can also help you deciding when will be a good time to invest in app based on data analytics.

S.E.O & S.M.O

Search Engine Optimization and Social Marketing Optimization are now integral part of any marketing startegy. We have certified digital marketeers who make sure that your online presence is never lost in this information jungle. You always land up in top search results vs. your competitors. And yes our promise does not work, we push them along with the digital marketing guys.

Digital Design

Our passionate designers know only one thing. How to turn an idea into awesome looking designs. And how they do it. We make sure to waste most of our resources to keep them happy and peaceful. We keep them away from all the office gossips. The only thing they do is design, design and design. By the way the designers think they are running the company, but do they know the truth. Logo design, ad posters, pamphlets, brochures, social media art work. You name the medium and we will surely have designs to wow you and your customers both.

Our Pricing Tables

Here you get a starting point of how costly we can be. But are we really that costly and do you get quality product at cheap prices?

Informative Website
Starting 4999.99 INR
  • 5Static Pages
  • Unlimited Hosting Space
  • Domain Name (.in/.com)
  • 2 Email Account (5 Gb Storage)
  • Responsive Website
  • Basic SEO
  • 3 Month Maintenance
  • 2 Upadtes in a Year
  • Query Form
  • Image Slider
  • Extra Pages : Rs. 600/page
  • CMS for Rs. 1,000
  • Logo Design for Rs. 1,000
  • Content Writing : 50ps/word
Starting 15999.99 INR
  • 5 Static Pages
  • Unlimited Hosting Space
  • Domain Name (.in/.com)
  • 10 Email Account (5 Gb Storage)
  • Responsive Website
  • Basic SEO
  • 3 Month Maintenance
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Coupons
  • Unlimited Products & Categories
  • Cart & Check-out
  • Stock Keeping Unit
  • Shipping Calculation
  • Products Uploaded By us 50 (Max)
Custom Development
Starting _ _ _
  • Custom Designing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Selective Domain
  • Mail Accounts
  • Responsive Website
  • Basic SEO
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Third Party API’s
  • Java scripting
  • PHP, .net
  • Technical Consulting