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A sofware development company based in New Delhi, India

  • creative concept

    From your idea to implementable concepts. Our first stage in any project we take up.

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    Security is top most priority for us. Do you know how a simple contact form can be used to bring down your site?

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    Design WOWs your customer. Easy to use, intuitive navigation and it follows your brand strategy.

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    Let's not be bound by rules. Crazy ideas go a long way. That's why they are called insanely great. For us crazy is good. If you or idea do not find a taker, try us once!


About Blinking Cursors

Blinking Cursors Technologies is a fast growing software development company headquartered in New Delhi, India. Our motto 'technology for value creation'.

The company provides its support services in development of highly secure, efficient and economical web-based software applications. In our support services we include online data analysis, data compilation, data processing, data warehousing, online signing, online reporting, online document management, and business intelligence while minimizing development, storage and administration cost. The company masters in using cutting-edge tools and has so far developed dynamic (database driven) web applications, web portals, web sites, high volume and fast data processing engines, information systems and web-based addressing software.


Give us chaos and we will give you order.



What we cook with the design ingredients!

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Photography Website


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Web Development


One Page Template


Fitness Industry


With A Twist

Globe Multi Facilities

Facility Management Website

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